Why Cloth Nappies?


There are many reasons people use cloth nappies, the below information is a general run down about why you might want to seriously consider cloth nappies for you baby.

Reason #1 – They save you moneyCloth Nappies vs Disposables

Lots of money in fact.  Would you believe me if I told you that using cloth nappies will save your family thousands of dollars.

Babies go through on average 5-8 nappies each day, that’s 35-40 nappies per week. For one child in disposables it’s at least $15 a week added to your grocery bill, for two or more children this can be $30-$40 per week.   You can set yourself up in cloth nappies for between $650-$800 AND you can then use your set of nappies for multiple children saving your family even more money.

It is estimated that by the age of 2.5 the average child will have 6000 nappy changes. At .30c a nappy (for disposables) this equals $1,800. Now 2.5 is the average age children toilet train, you could actually still be using nappies at age 3 or age 4 so for many people this figure is actually bigger.

Cloth nappies work out at roughly .15c per use ($40 per nappy used 300 times) – half the price of what you will spend on disposables. Using cloth on one child will save you at a minimum $1000-$1,500 and reusing your nappies on any subsequent children will then save you at least another $1,800.

Reason #2 – They are better for the environment

On average using cloth nappies is 40% better for the environment compared to disposables.   Around a 5.6 million nappies are thrown into landfills every day inAustralia. (Based on 1.46 million children aged 0-4 using 6-7 disposables per day). For each child from birth to toilet training that a whopping 150kgs of nappies sent to landfill.  It is estimated that it takes 500 years for a disposable nappy to break down in landfill. To put this in context, if you threw a disposable nappy away when King Henry VIII was on the throne it would only now be starting to break down.

For one child in disposables from birth to potty the amount of wood pulp used is the equivalent to 4.5 trees, not only that but there is around 1.5 cups of crude oil needed to manufacture each disposable nappy.

Reputable cloth nappy brands take a lot of care in the manufacturing process of their nappies.  They use sustainable material like organic cotton and hemp, crops which use less water to produce and little to no chemical pesticides.  Many pride themselves on manufacturing in their home countries and those who manufacture off shore generally choose factories who provide workers with a living wage, reasonable hours and include meal breaks.


Reason #3 – They are EasyCloth Nappy Flow Chart

Modern cloth nappies are nothing like the way they used to be.  There is no more soaking in nappisan, no origami folds to master and definitely no pins needed.  Personally I think cloth nappies tend to get a bit of a bung rap from people, mainly due to outdated perceptions.

Many cloth nappies are as easy to put on and get off as a disposable, there is just the added step of washing and drying them at the end.  All in all it’s around an extra 10-20mins of effort each week.

Reason #4 – They Don’t Leak

Fitted correctly and by using the appropriate material, cloth nappies simply don’t leak.  Think about it, the material cloth nappies are made from is much more robust that a flimsy disposable.  The elastics are stronger and form a much better seal around the waist and legs, they come with gussets and other leak guards and the velcro or snaps used to fasten them are better than plastic tabs.  Cloth nappies contain everything that needs to be contained, even liquid newborn poop.  Ask any cloth user and they will tell you it’s the disposables you need to be wary of.  The only time I ever had a poop leak was when I put a disposable on to leave the house, I can’t even tell you how much fun that was to clean up!

Reason #5 – Natural Fibers

If using natural, soft and breathable fibers on your baby is important to you, then you should seriously consider using cloth nappies.  Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, hemp and wool help keep baby cool and allow their skin to breathe.  They are so much softer than alternatives.  Cloth nappies have been linked to less instance of nappy rash (no nasty chemical filled material sitting next to babies bottom) and parents who use cloth nappies say toilet training is easier because children can feel when their nappy is wet or soiled.

Reason #6 – They are Cuter

Waaaaay Cuter, you can’t really argue with that!

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