What’s With These Food Pouches Anyway?

What’s with all these food pouches?

Yep I hear you, before I had children I had no idea what these things were AT ALL!  It’s amazing how much life changes after starting a family.  All the product bombardment that massive companies throw at you, the samples bags from the ante-natal class, coupons in the bounty magazine – the list is endless.

You might find the first time you stumble on these food pouches is around the time you start giving solids to you baby. How can you miss them, they are all over the baby food section at the supermarket. Easy and convenient you can take them out and about for mess free feeding. But then if you are anything like I am, one look at the back of that baby food packet, your heart skips a beat and that thing is back on the shelf in a nanosecond.

The thing is, if you make your own baby food, you know exactly what is going into that little tummy is as nutritious as it can be.  No preservatives, no sweeteners, no watered down flavour.  Reusable food pouches give you an alternative option!  A choice to be able to store and take your own homemade food out and about with you. Its peace of mind all wrapped up in a zip lock packet.

Not only this but at least you know your children will most likely eat the food you yourself have prepared for them. Have you ever tasted the food from a baby food pouch? It’s incredibly bland, and yes I know the line spun by Plunket that bland food is fine for babies because they have so many more taste buds than an adult.

But think of it this way, if they have more taste buds than we do, imagine the wonderful flavours they are discovering when they eat normal food.  When we offer bland food to our children are we really only dumbing down their taste buds instead?  Why will my own child eat my homemade blend of carrots, peas, broccoli, sphegetti etc. but when offered the exact same vegetables from a store bought jar she blankly refuses to eat it?  To me the answer is obvious.

Not All Pouches are created equal.

Nope, one food pouch is not the same as another food pouch. Commercial baby food and yoghurt pouches are a use once recycle if you can, but usually end up in landfill option.  If you’re reading this blog chances are that does not sit well with you.

61.000 babies were born in New Zealand in 2015.  If each of these babies end up consuming just one commercial baby food pouch each day that’s a whopping amount of packaging used once and thrown away. If you add in toddlers and yoghurt pouches that number triples!

Reusable food pouches not only prevent waste going to landfill but they are actually reclylacable when they come to the end of their life. You can store bulk batches of food in the freezer to take out when you need it.  Not only this, but I have found their uses can grow with you as your children grow. I started out using mine for our first foods and now I use them for soup, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge and soft puddings, when the time comes I will be using mine in our school lunchbox. They can also store and pour things like sugar, salt, sauce and shampoo which is great for camping or at a bbq, and they make terrific pourers for pancake batter.

We have found that children love the patterns on our reusable food pouches – the galaxy all stars are a particular favourite and we often see a little ‘pouch dance’ bum wiggle thing happen when our little girl sees us preparing one for her.  Toddlers in particular love them because it allows them to be in control of feeding themselves, more than once I have been able to give my daughter lunch or breakfast in the car on the run; and did you know the 200ml size is perfect for 2 wheetbix and milk?

All in all, reusable food pouches have helped me be able to offer homemade food to my family, which is incredibly important to me.  They have become an easy staple in our cupboard, even my husband can manage to get some yoghurt into one, and best of all my little girl loves them.

We stock the My Lil Pouch brand of feeding products in store because of the quality and great variety of sizes and patterns available.

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